Our project

We are Sofia and Inigo, owners of Hotel Nabia and we want to share with you how this adventure began and how we ended up living here.

After more than 10 years in large corporations , living for working, it was time to stop and rethink the future. Year 2002 was the year of change: we got married and decided to start a small and charming country boutique hotel and live away from big cities and big bussineses.

We searched in Spain and in some other countries and in 2005 we got to know an abrupt and very spectacular area: the south face of the Gredos Mountain range and there, very close to Candeleda, on a hill full of ferns, oaks and chestnut trees at the foot of the Almanzor Peak, we found a piece of land that captivated us and convinced us it was our place.

We knew it was not going to be easy but enthusiam and the spectacular terrain gave us the energy to fulfill our project: a charming hotel named after the Celtic goddess of forests, mountains, valleys and rivers: Nabia.

We finally opened our doors in October 2010.

Our first guests

We thought of what we would have liked to find when traveling: a hotel where you feel like staying, where you can find your nooks or hideouts. Care and love for detail and service, delicacy and comfort were our priorities. In addition we were always certain that the construction would preserve the environment and adapt to it as far as possible and that this environment would be the most important decorative element; we wanted to have the feeling of being outside but inside and thanks to your comments, we believe we have managed to do so.

Nabia is a place to rest, where you come many times with big plans (and there are plenty!) but finally decide “in an active way” to do nothing.

This is our life and we want to share it with you.

We also introduce you to the rest of our team who make a reality what Nabia is: David, Cristina, Elena, Belén, Erika, Mari Luz, Yesi and Merce. The garden is taken care by the Sauca family.