In Nabia we like dogs and animals in general. We live in a privileged environment and we are delighted that your pets enjoy the area and the Hotel. However, we have rules and conditions that must be met if you wish to bring your pet. These rules are established to safeguard the coexistence between animals and people, respect and maintain the facilities and above all respect the people who do not like animals and the next guests who will use the room when you leave.

  1. Dogs CANNOT BE PUPPIES, they must be at least one year old. They have to be EDUCATED and they have to know how to do their needs outside the rooms. It is not permissible that they make them in the room.
    They cannot get on the beds or armchairs or sofas and if they do they we will charge the cost of the laundry of the covers, blankets, bedspreads etc. The laundry fee does not authorize the staining of fabrics and / or furniture. All possible damages caused by pets will be charged at replacement cost of the damaged item. The € 10 supplement is set to cover the cost of an extraordinary cleaning when they leave the room, not to cover an additional cost of laundry or damage.
  1. Outside you must pick the feces if they are done in transit areas and garden areas: walks, parking, lawn area, swimming pool, etc. There are pots / bins scattered throughout these areas to litter the bags. 
  2. Animals cannot be inside the main building: lounge, bar and dining room. In summer they can be on the outside terrace during breakfast and dinner provided they do not bark or disturb other guests. Otherwise they should be left in the room or in the car. It is not allowed to feed pets on the dining terrace.
  3. If during breakfast or dinner the pets are in the room and bark or disturb the guests of the nearby rooms, we will ask you to take the pet to the car or take turns for breakfast or dinner and thus avoid such inconvenience.
  4. Animals can be with their owners loose in the garden as long as they do not disturb other guests, especially in summer with the pool open. They are not allowed to bathe in the pool.
  5. Pets cannot stay alone in the rooms for long periods of time. It is not an option to go on excursions or activities and leave them alone in the room for hours. Being a strange environment animals suffer and change their behavior. Nabia hotel is not an alternative kennel.


In the hotel we have female Mastiff who is loose in the garden. She is very calm and affectionate and often ignores other dogs as long as they do not approach her feeding area. If you think there may be a conflict with your pet, let us know to make a gradual meeting and avoid the conflict zone.


We look forward to your cooperation with these indications so that your stay in Nabia is what we all expect and we will all enjoy this special environment. In case of no cooperation, especially in those areas that affect other guests, we will have to ask you to leave the hotel covering the expenses incurred and according to our cancellation policy.


Cordial greetings,

Iñigo and Sofia